The Free Sellfy Alternative for SVGs... Try Floonce!

The Free Sellfy Alternative for SVGs... Try Floonce!

The Sellfy Alternative for SVG Creators

The problem with Sellfy is that it has a high subscription fee of $29/month. As an alternative to Sellfy and its high fees, we recommend creating a free shop with Floonce. Our pitch to you is simply to try Floonce first.  Before shelling out $29/month for a similar solution, sign up for Floonce because it is the free alternative to Sellfy for anyone who makes SVGs.  

After creating your Floonce account, you will

  • create a shop for free to sell SVGs
  • pay no subscription fee
  • keep 99% of sales (1% Floonce Fee)
  • get paid instantly via Stripe, unlike other solutions that delay before paying you

Floonce Benefit One: Cost Savings

You might be thinking that Sellfy's fee of $29 is not so bad. When you add up all the numbers, you're spending $348 per year before you make a penny. Because Floonce has a fee of 1% + payment processing, the cummulative fee is 3.9% on each sale. In order to justify the Sellfy fee of $348, you need to be earning more than $8800 per year. What is comical about this is the fact that Sellfy limits your sales to less than $10,000 per year with the $29/mo. plan. Sellfy is screaming that it does not want you to succeed by actively providing a disincentive to make $10,000. Floonce only wins when you win. You might as well try Floonce as your Sellfy alternative. If you try Floonce and don't like it, you don't lose a penny! Create your free shop with Floonce now.

Floonce Benefit Two: We Are a Team

On Floonce, the products in your shop will automatically appear on Floonce marketplace. When we advertise our Floonce shops, we all work as a team. Every time someone visits a Floonce shop, they also have the opportunity to shop on our marketplace. Sellers on Floonce are friends rather than competitors because we sell different products and limit the number of sellers in a space for a more curated, quality experience. If you sell comic books, somebody may visit your shop and also buy t-shirt designs on the Floonce marketplace.  If you're selling designs, someone might also be in the market to be shopping for front end website development services.  Having many sellers with unique products makes Floonce stronger and better!

Click here to make your Floonce account now!