How to Sell SVGs on Floonce

How to Sell SVGs on Floonce

Learn how to sell svgs on Floonce!  Floonce was previously a website for music, audio, and other downloads. Floonce is now focused on being a smaller community for SVGs!  This post has been edited to reflect our new goal!


Create a Seller Account

Create an account first.

Log in then click “Sell Now” in the top right of website.

If you haven’t made a Stripe account, you’ll be prompted to make one. Stripe is our payment processing integration for both sellers and buyers. Sellers will have funds deposited directly to a bank account of choice.


Outline your Product Offering

On the first of two pages for the digital product selling process, you’ll want to include a description as well as an image to visually showcase your product in some way.

Indicate whether it’s a product with a fixed price tag you set or a product to receive price quotes from potential buyers.

Have a title.

(Optional) Add a SKU number if you want your product to be identified under different names and descriptions in different Floonce postings but with the same underlying product being featured.

Select the product category.

Logistics, Pricing, and Samples

In the second of two pages, upload your digital product.

If your product uses license keys, add your license key.

Enter the extension of the file (SVG, ZIP)

Indicate stock (can be infinite for digital products)

Mark your product price. Commission rate: 1% means that you will earn 99% of the transaction (before financing fees) and Floonce collects 1% for supporting the transaction. Financing fees are $0.30 + 2.9% of each transaction. Total transaction fees are 3.9% +$0.30. We’d recommend selling at a point that is profitable for you.

If you’d like to include a discount in this posting, that can be included as well.

(Optional) Add a demo URL if, for example, you have a website supporting your product and you’d like to show off the product more on a landing page.

If you’re selling a digital product such as a music sample, we highly recommend having an audio preview.  You can also add a video preview.


Premium Placement in Marketplace

If you’d like to increase consideration of your product, consider subscription plans to promote your product on the Floonce marketplace:

  • Featured badge
  • Appear on the Homepage
  • Show first in search results for your product category


Tada – your posting