How Does Floonce Pay Me?

How Does Floonce Pay Me?

Floonce Pays You Instantly

Many websites delay before paying you.  Some websites even require you to earn a certain amount before providing a payout.  Floonce pays you instantly via Stripe, and Floonce will pay you only on Stripe.  If Stripe is not available in your country, you will unfortunately not be able to participate in Floonce's community at this time.

Why Do We Only Use Stripe?

Stripe is the future of online payment processing for marketplaces. When users buy from you on Floonce, they are actually giving money directly to your Stripe account.  The reason that we ask you to connect your Stripe account when you start selling is becuase that is how you get paid instantly and easily when you make sales on the marketplace.  Floonce makes money only from a small 1% "application fee," which we subtract from each sale before it goes to your stripe account.

Why Does Floonce Charge a 1% Sales Fee?

Floonce makes money by charging the 1% fee on all purchases.  If you believe that 1% is a shockingly low fee, we agree with you.  Floonce expects that the fee will increase in order to pay for resources like website management, security, database management, and cloud storage for all of the SVG designs.  Currently, we are a small community.  As the size of our community grows, the website will become more complicated and expensive to operate.  Advertising the website can help our users thrive, and advertising costs money.  If we decide to advertise, that will be a reason to increase fees.  Having said all of this, we do not dream of charging excessive fees like Shutterstock.  We also have no intention to charge a fee to post products like Etsy.  We are focused on creating a thriving community of creators with lots of free & paid design resources.