Create a Free Shop to Sell SVGs

Create a Free Shop to Sell SVGs

Article Last Updated 9/14/2020, Please Email for Questions or Changes!

Learn how to configure your SVG shop, list products, and list downloads with our helpful guides! 

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To learn more about how Floonce helps small business creators win online, continue reading.  Otherwise, proceed to the link above!

Floonce provides

  • a free mobile-friendly shop to sell SVGs to your audience (see demo)
  • a curated marketplace that gives your products additional exposure and sales
  • a secure checkout experience for buyers powered by Stripe
  • instant payments to your Stripe account after each sale
  • fast load speed because Floonce is hosted on scalable cloud computing
  • an alternative to expensive subscriptions that pick your pocket for years
  • a social commerce community of sellers that succeed together with our diverse product mix
  • the ability to sell in 40+ countries because Floonce is powered by Stripe
  • compliance with modern privacy laws like the CCPA & GDPR 

You earn more with Floonce.

Floonce is what the industry calls a "disruptor."  Other platforms and marketplaces take large fees in the form of subscriptions or comission.  Platforms like Amazon, Gumroad, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces take high commission fees from 5% to 15% when you succeed.  Shopify, Sellfy, Gumroad Premium, and similar solutions charge high monthly subscription fees in return for lower sales fees.  Floonce provides sellers and creators with the best of both worlds.  On Floonce, you get a personal shop and a site-wide marketplace for a tiny fee of 1% sales.  Floonce wins when you do.  

Subscription Services Charge Too Much

Subscription services like Shopify, Sellfy, and Gumroad Premium overcharge for providing a personal shop.  In order to justify the high monthly fees of subscription shops, you need to make many thousands in sales annually.  Sellfy, for example, has a $29/month fee.  That is $348/year.  In order to spend $348 on Floonce fees, you need to make $8800 in sales.  This figure includes all fees associated with Floonce, including credit card processing.  Floonce goes above and beyond what most subscription solutions provide by automatically listing your products on Floonce marketplace, which gives your products additional exposure and sales.

Other Marketplaces Steal A Slice of Your Pie

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces take too much money.  Amazon's standard fee is 15%, and that is why Jeff Bezos is so wealthy.  The owners of these platforms are becoming wealthy by taking advantage of good and honest merchants who want to make a living.  Floonce is ending the madness.  Marketplaces in ancient rome used to be public forums where people set up a cart and sold their goods.  Floonce is a true marketplace that helps you keep every penny that you deserve, and you also will receive a perfect mobile-friendly shop for your audience.  

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