Creating an SVG Shop with Floonce - Quick Start Guide

Creating an SVG Shop with Floonce - Quick Start Guide

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Creating a Shop to Sell SVGs on Floonce

Step 1: Create an account on Floonce

Step 2: Click the red button which says "sell now" (or click this link after logging in).  

Step 3: Link your Stripe account by simply logging in to Stripe.  If you do not have a Stripe account, still click on the words “Connect Now” and you will be directed to Stripe.

Step 4: After connecting Stripe, go to your Shop Settings page to modify your store's name and description 

Step 5: Go to your Social Media Settings page to add social links to your Floonce shop.

Step 6: Add your shop URL to your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media pages so that users can buy your products.  Find your url by clicking "view profile" (see image below).  Copy your shop link by right-clicking on "View Profile" or holding your thumb if you're on a phone.

Note: You make more with your Floonce link because of our low 1% sales fee on all products!

Step 7: Move on to adding products to your shop!  Please see our guides on adding products.