Our Little Secret: The Best Service to Sell Online...

Our Little Secret: The Best Service to Sell Online...

How to Sell Posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and More

Advertisers pay a lot whenever people click on an ad. Because ads are so expensive, many advertisers want to work directly with social media users to place advertisements.  Anyone who wants to sell posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform has a good business opportunity.  It used to be hard to find clients who will pay you, but that is no longer the case.  Many advertisers are actively seeking out influencers & social media users to help support their brands.

How do I start selling posts?

  • Request to get approved as one of our premier sellers.
  • Make an account on Floonce.com
  • Click the "Sell Now" button
    • Sell it as a "digital product"
    • Upload a microsoft word document or text file explaining how to contact you for the promo
  • Describe what you are willing to post on social media
  • Put your Floonce Shop in your Instagram bio
    • Be sure to also write "click this link to buy promo"
    • Use hashtags to attract sales:
      • #Microinfluencers
      • #Nanoinfluencer
      • #DMforpromo
      • others
  • Sit back and relax while Floonce Marketplace also brings sales to you

Floonce allows anyone to make money from posts

The problem with selling posts on social media is that it used to be hard for anyone except big accounts.  People with millions of followers were receiving deals worth $1000s on a regular basis while everybody else was left in the dust.  Floonce allows anyone to get paid for posting on social media regardless of how many followers you have.  In fact, Floonce wants smaller social media users to sign up.  Interestingly, people with less followers or friends on social media create better posts than big accounts.

Two primary benefits of working with small profile influencers:

  • Small profile influencers tend to have higher engagement rates
  • They are more closely connected with followers, who are often friends

Beyond the two reasons above, it is less risky to work with 50 small influencers rather than one big influencer.  Think about the old proverb "don't put your eggs in one basket."  Spending all your budget on one influencer is a bit like gambling.  The influencer could post at a bad time of day or the post could be perceived as "off-brand" for the influencer, making it less effective than the 50 small posts.  There are a number of reasons why it makes more sense to buy posts from those of us less famous than Kanye.

Selling Posts on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook is Easy

Imagine earning $20 or $30 by simply writing "Hey, check out this neat blog I found" with a link to Floonce.com.  Unlike physical products, you don't need to ship your posts.  You create a sale instantly.  You never have to think about it again.  If you can get paid to write 30 posts per year on Floonce, you can earn a nice vacation with almost no work.  After 10 years, you could buy yourself a car simply by posting cool links to your friends.  It is an opportunity unlike any other as a result of living in the 21st century.

Are my posts valuable enough to sell?

You should choose your price for a post based on how much you think your audience is worth and what type of post you are providing.  Have you ever heard the phrase "your network is your net worth?"  On Floonce, your social media network correlates 100% with how much you can charge to advertisers.  If all your friends are musicians, you can likely charge more than average and work with music advertisers.  If all your friends are photographers, you can charge a lot more to photography advertisers.  Advertisers are trying to reach people who actually care about their product and do not like to be spammy on purpose.  Your unique connections are valuable to someone out there, and you can help introduce your friends to cool things that they would like to buy!  You should also consider what type of post you are selling when deciding on a price.  A temporary post is worth much less than a permanent post.  A temporary "link in bio" is also worth less than a permanent post.  Consider charging $10 to $25 per 1000 followers for a permanent post and charging less for temporary posts!