Making & Selling SVGs Online

Making & Selling SVGs Online

What are SVGs?

SVG is an acronym for "scalable vector graphic."  The reason they are called "scalable" is becuase you can drag them to be different sizes without making them blurry.  Images get blurry when you drag them to make them larger.  SVGs are based on math and numbers so that you can scale them without destroying their visual appearance.  This feature is super valuable for designers of clothing, apparel, and other items.  

How can I create SVGs?

SVGs can be created in many ways.  We recommend Canva Pro because it is the easiest software for creating graphic design. uses Canva Pro as a source of pretty images for our website and social media posts.  If you're new to graphic design, Canva is what you're looking for.  Please be aware that we are suggesting Canva Pro because you need the premium version of Canva to download SVG files.  Although it is a paid software, it is still far less expensive than other solutions.  To create a SVG on Canva, you must simply create a design and download it as a SVG.  If you are already a graphic designer, consider using Adobe Illustrator.  Adobe Illustrator has long been the industry standard for graphic design.  It is a little more complicated to export vectors using Illustrator, so be sure to use a guide like this one.  For someone who isn't picky about robust features or intuitive design like Canva Pro, consider using a freeware option.  Among the free options are Inkscape, Vectr, Sketsa, and SVG.js.  

How can I sell SVGs online? is a great way to sell SVGs directly to your clients.  If you were considering an expensive solution like Sellfy or Shopify, using Floonce is a great alternative for most sellers.  Floonce has a tiny 1% fee on sales with no subscription fee.  Unlike Sellfy & Shopify, Floonce provides a robust community marketplace that helps your products get additional exposure.  When you sign up, you'll receive your own custom URL which looks like[your-username].  Another way to sell SVGs is Etsy.  Unlike Floonce, Etsy takes a higher 5% fee on sales.  You will also be charged $0.20 for each product that you list.  The $0.20 fee can add up quickly for sellers who have 100s of designs!  Just like Floonce, Etsy has a marketplace of sellers which can help drive additional sales to your product.  Overall, you will maximize profits by selling on both Floonce & Etsy.  You are better off using your Floonce Shop ([your-username]) as your link on social media becuase you will make more money from each sale!

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