Influencing Your Way to Millions: Make Money with Social Media: Be or Manage a Nano, Micro, or Macro Influencer

Influencing Your Way to Millions: Make Money with Social Media: Be or Manage a Nano, Micro, or Macro Influencer

Now Anyone Can Be an Influencer (Yes, Even With Few Followers!)

Being an influencer used to be complicated and difficult for most people. There was no way to find companies who need influencers, and companies do not have time to seek out every single social media user who wants to influence. Beyond that, it was difficult to make a deal using "DMs" and establish payment methods. If you had less than 5,000 followers, it was very hard to make a deal. 

Influencer advertising is so profitable that even people with few followers can make $100s on a monthly basis. Estimates show that

How much can I make as a small, medium, or large influencer?

According to estimates by Tinuti, Facebook influencers make on average $25 per 1000 followers. Instagram influencers make on average $10 per 1000 followers.  You should be excited, even if you have 1000 friends or followers.  Floonce believes you can charge even higher prices as a small influencer as a result of a metric called "engagement rate."  People with millions of followers tend to have lower engagement rates than people with lower followers.  The blog Proven SEO shows an example of a micro-influencer who had 4x higher engagement rate than Kim Kardashian.  When advertisers look for influencers, they want sales. 

Why does follower & friend count not matter?

Advertisers do not care about follower count as much as they care about actual interactions that drive business results.  Reaching 15 relevant people could drive 1000x more sales than reaching a million completely irrelevant people!  Advertisers want to work with people who are truly relevant and passionate about their products.  What matters is being the right person with the right connections rather than the biggest person with the most connections.  Quality trumps quantity every time when it comes to real business results, and that's why you belong in the influencer marketing industry.

I am not a Kardashian, so I feel like I can be an Influencer...

Big celebrities want you to feel like you are nothing compared to them.  Celebrities have their power because we believe they are almost super-human.  Rome was not built by celebrities, it was built by 1000s of individual people. Even celebrities are built by lots of helpers who make them famous like magazines, TV shows, social media, and newspapers.  Your voice is more powerful than you could ever imagine, and you can use your voice to help small companies that desperately need to grow. 

You Can Help Small Businesses Win with Influencer Marketing

Small business is the lifeblood of the economy, and small business is suffering at the hands of mega-corporations.  Use your voice to support small & local businesses or products you are passionate about.  Many people ask themselves "how can I change the world?"  One way is to simply start changing it.  Decide what type of content you are willing to promote, and help those entrepreneurs thrive.  With Floonce, you have the option to accept direct messages before agreeing to a sale, so you can choose to work exclusively with companies you believe in. Our curated set of companies and influencers guarantee that it will be a positive experience for all parties!

How do I join the party?

Consider signing up for an account on Shoutcart, or solicit business directly on Instagram!

I don't want to be an influencer yet, but I am excited about the money...

If you don't want to be an influencer, you can still join the fun of Influencer Marketing.  Behind nearly every famous musician or every actor is somebody who helped them become famous.  That person is called an agent.  Talent agents are the magic man or woman backstage who count the millions of dollars, book the next gig, and rent the private jet.  Find out which of your friends want to be an influencer, and start your career as an influencer agent.  Imagine having 10 friends who make 1 post every day for $10.  That's $100/day.  If you are an agent, you take a handsome cut of the sales in exchange for helping your friends.  Imagine having 100 people who make 1 post every day for $25.  You are now raking in $2500/day in revenue with a completely automated system.  Imagine you make 10% of that $2500.  You are now earning $91,250/year.  Even if your friends make one post per week each, you are raking a lot of money for not a lot of work.

How can I make an influencer agency business today?

The key to making an easy influencer agency business is creating a business email address.  You should make a unique email address for all your business emails. Next, create a list of emails for all your influencers. Send them an email whenever they get a sale. You will effectively be making money by forwarding emails to your influencers.

Why wouldn't the influencer manage themself?

  • Agents help manage client relationships and keep clients happy
  • Agents work with multiple influencers, and agents can help "up-sell" multiple influencers at once to a client.  People like working with agencies rather than individuals.
  • Many people are not comfortable with negotiating on their own behalf
  • It saves the influencer time to have someone figure out the details like:
    • What needs to be posted?
    • At what time?
    • Where is the image I need to post?
    • Are we charging the right price, or should we charge more?  Agents are able to find the right price for an influencer service by working in the business