7 Types of Digital Products to Sell Online

7 Types of Digital Products to Sell Online

If you are a designer of SVGs, consider being a seller on Floonce!

Types of Digital Products to Sell Online

If you want to be an entrepreneur or online seller, it’s important to be unique.  Lex Luger was one of the first online rap beat producers who popularized the genre of “trap”. Trap beats have grown into an online industry, and the sounds of Lex Luger are now used across many musical genres. 

Being a creator and entrepreneur has repeatedly proved to be one of the fastest ways to grow wealthy quickly. You can be a rock star in any field, not just music.  There are many people who have grown incredibly wealthy without popularizing a new musical genre.  Some of the wealthiest creators are likely people who you haven’t read about in a newspaper or a gossip magazine.

Now, let’s dive into the best high-level categories of products to sell online.


The software niche stretches far and wide.  All business owners need software to do sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and other tasks.  TurboTax is an example of a giant corporation dedicated only to selling software.  Rosetta Stone is a software company that sells language-learning guides.  Creators of music need programs like FL Studio.  If you have coding abilities, consider selling your software online.

Books & ebooks

Ebooks & book publishing is a wide niche worth billions of dollars.  In the bad old days, it was nearly impossible for authors to succeed without direct support from a publishing house.  I admire authors like Jack London & Mark Twain who wrote books long before the days of self-publishing.  In the modern era, anyone can sell their ebooks directly to customers.  You can format your book as an epub, PDF, word document, or even a text file.  The most affordable way for most authors to sell an ebook is by selling on Floonce.com.  We only take a 1% fee on sales, so you make 99% of each sale. 


Advertisers, movie creators, and other creative people are in need of stock footage to help finish projects.  Movies are another form of video that you can sell directly to customers.  Many documentary creators sell their work directly to fans.  We definitely recommend selling video for anyone who likes to create it.


Stock audio, similar to stock video, is used by advertisers & creators to finish projects on YouTube or TV commercials.  Stock music can be a great business.  Similar to stock audio, you can sell pre-made instrumentals to vocalists and record labels.  If you’re a producer of EDM, rap, pop, reggaeton, or other genres, we recommend selling music to artists. You can also sell sample packs directly to your fans.


Stock photography is yet another product that can be sold to advertisers.  People also need stock photography to create book covers and music album covers.  You can also sell prints of beautiful photography to people who need home décor.  Everyone loves great photography.


Icons, t-shirt designs, illustrations, infographics, UX icons, TIFFs, GIFs, and SVGs (scalable vector graphics) are all instantly downloadable niche products.  There is a wide variety of applications for digital graphics, including flyers & web design.  If you make SVGs, sell on Floonce!