5 Services to Sell on Instagram

5 Services to Sell on Instagram

If you’re an entrepreneur or creative person, Instagram is a great place to be.  You may be surprised to learn that millions of business owners and creative people are on Instagram and they need services to help them succeed.  

Let’s talk about 5 services you can sell on Instagram. 

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is by far the best service to sell on Instagram.  Many people these days talk about “becoming an influencer” as if it’s an unreachable goal.  You may be surprised to hear that absolutely anyone can be an influencer.  If you have 100 followers, you have reach that advertisers want to pay for.  If you’re interested in helping brands through post sponsorship, please read our comprehensive guide to influencer marketing

2. Social Media Management

Brands and creators often cannot manage their social media alone.  There are so many channels these days like Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and more.  It can be exhausting!  Brands often hire social media managers to make posts using their voice and keep their web presence up to date.  If you’re a savvy social media manager, sell your services via Instagram.  

3. Graphic Design

If you’re a graphic designer, you are making the right career moves.  Graphic design is in demand as brands have to constantly manage their social media and websites.  New business owners need logo designs.  Businesses need infographics, icons for their websites, and an array of other services that very few people can provide well.    

4. Music Mixing, Production, & Mastering

There are millions of musicians in the world who need help making their tracks great.  If you’re a music producer, you understand that most musicians cannot create their music alone.  It takes advanced skills to make a song sound radio ready, even if the musician is talented. 

5. Local Services

Did you know that it’s easy to sell locally through Instagram?  You can sell locally if you’re a barber, caterer, financial planner, disc jockey, comedian, web designer, accountant, or any type of local business.  The first step to selling locally is connecting with local followers.  Make posts relevant to your city, and make sure to set your “post location” as your local city.